Appealing Appetizers

  • 2.95Papadums
  • 4.50Samosa
  • 5.50Vegetable Pakora
  • 5.95Chicken Tikka
  • 5.95Meat Kebab
  • 12.95Mixed Platter


  • 4.95Lentil Soup
  • 5.95Malagaathuni Soup

Chicken Special

  • 14.95Butter Chicken, Mild
  • 14.95Chicken Kashmiri, Sweet and Fruity
  • 14.95Chicken Korma, Mild
  • 14.95Chicken Pasanda, Mild and Nutty
  • 14.95Chicken Tikka Masala, Mild to Medium
  • 14.95Chicken Jhalfreji, Hot to taste
  • 14.95Chicken Madras, Fairly Hot
  • 14.95Chicken Dansak, Fruity, Hot and Sour
  • 14.95Chicken Vindaalo, Very Spicy

Mighty Meat (Lamb or Beef)

  • 15.95Korma, Mild
  • 15.95Rezzala, Medium Hot
  • 15.95Saag Gosht, Mild
  • 15.95Rogon Josh, Medium Hot
  • 15.95Dansak, Fruity, Hot and Sour
  • 15.95Dupiaza, Medium Hot
  • 15.95Korai Gosht, Medium Hot
  • 15.95Madras, Fairly Hot
  • 15.95Vindaloo, Very Spicy

Seafood Special

  • 16.95Malai Shrimp, Mild
  • 16.95Shrimp Korma, Mild
  • 16.95Shrimp Saag, Mild
  • 16.95Shrimp Jhalfrezi, Hot to taste
  • 16.95Shrimp Masala, Fairly Hot

Vibrant Vegetables

  • 9.95Tarka Daal
  • 9.95Alo Gobhi
  • 9.95Saag Aloo
  • 9.95Bombay Aloo
  • 9.95Chana Masala
  • 9.95Mixed Vegetables Curry
  • 10.95Vegetables Korma
  • 10.95Mushroom Bhaji
  • 10.95Saag Poneer
  • 10.95Poneer Makhani
  • 10.95Matar Poneer

Rice and Bread

Rice Selection

  • 3.50Pulao Rice
  • 6.95Peas Pulao
  • 6.95Mushroom Pulao

Indian Bread

  • 2.25Plain Naan
  • 2.95Garlic Naan
  • 2.95Paratha

Tantalizing Tandoori

Tandoor is the clay oven. Tandoori is the process of cooking in that oven. It involves marinating meats overnight with spices, yogurt and lemon juice, then barbeque them in Tandoor flame.

  • 12.95Tandoori Chicken
  • 14.95Chicken Tikka Main
  • 12.95Meat Kebab Main

Beautiful Biryani

Indian flavoured rice. The magic of biryani lies in the way rice is transformed into something exceptionally pleasing to taste and smell.

  • 14.95Chicken
  • 15.95Lamb or Beef
  • 16.95Shrimp
  • 10.95Vegetables


  • 1.95Raita
  • 1.95Mango chutney
  • 1.95Mixed Pickle
  • 1.95Sliced Onion


  • 2.95Gulab Jamon
  • 3.95Mango Lassi

Lunch Combos

You select any Chicken, Lamb, beef, Seafood or Vegetables

All lunches come with Rice, Naan, and Chana Masala

  • Chicken Lunch: 11.95
  • Lamb or Beef Lunch: 12.95
  • Vegetables Lunch: 10.95
  • Seafood Lunch: 12.95

Dinner Combos

Whether you have appetite to try different items or you are having dinner with friends and family, our chefs (who have family too) make the perfect combination for you.

Meal for One – 24.95

  • Appetizer: Samosa
  • Main: Butter Chicken
  • Vegetables: Chana Masala
  • Rice: Pilau Rice
  • Bread: Naan
Meal for Two – 49.95

  • Appetizer: Samosa, Chicken Tikka
  • Main: Butter Chicken, Beef Rogon
  • Vegetables: Chana Masala
  • Rice: Pilau Rice
  • Bread: Naan
Meal for Three – 69.95

  • Appetizer: Samosa, Vegetable Pakora
  • Main: Butter Chicken, Beef Rogon, Veg Biriyani
  • Vegetables: Chana Masala, Alo Gobhi
  • Rice: Pilau Rice
  • Bread: Naan
Meal for Four – 89.95

  • Appetizer: Mixed Platter
  • Main: Butter Chicken, Beef Rogon, Lamb Korma, Veg Biriyani
  • Vegetable: Chana Masala, Alo Gobhi
  • Rice: Pilau Rice
  • Bread: Naan, Garlic Naan

  • 7% discount on take-out orders (not applicable to combos)
  • Please advise us your allergy concerns